We act as technical, financial and institutional consultant in the field of investments and construction, particularly in the field of transport, buildings, infrastructure, and power. We act in Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Russian Federation, and Republic of Belarus and in other countries of CEE.

Detailed information about the activities of our company can be obtained sending a query on e-mail address: info@olbron.com. Find us on Facebook and Twitter.



Olbron Invent Ltd is a wholly independent, employee-owned company working both in Czech Republic and worldwide.
We aspire to be shapes our values, directs our decision making and lies at the heart of all our business planning - from global company-level strategy to local team-level plans. It also means we place an immense value on our people, our greatest asset.

Underlying our entire business is our freedom as an employee-owned company to drive our own future, giving us the flexibility, inspiration and strength to do what is in the best interests of our customers, our partners and our staff - growing our future.

Transforming project ideas into reality is our forte. Our holistic approach is rooted in a complete spectrum of skills covering all stages of the development cycle - right from preparing the business case and advising on related issues to designing and implementing the solution and providing ongoing support.

Our total service incorporates all aspects of project and program management and management consultancy plus construction economics. As a multi-sector professional services provider, our planning, advisory, technical and management activities also encompass the social and institutional dimensions of development.

We work in partnership with all our customers and through our commitment to continuous improvement and the highest level of customer care we ensure that we add maximum value in every assignment and exceed their expectations. Around the world we serve national and local governments, transport operators, developers, contractors, commercial companies, banks, funding agencies and non-governmental organizations.

We stay closely attuned to all our customers' varying needs and aspirations, working in partnership to turn their ideas into reality through innovative, inclusive and sustainable solutions. We take pride in every commission, no matter the size. Our drive for top quality service applies whether we're helping to restructure a national industry, plan a transport network, introduce new business practices or restore a wildlife habitat.

The immense scope of our business demands a huge variety of expertise, which we're able to provide in house or through our business partners.  Adding to our capabilities in mainstream technical and management disciplines, we're skilled in specialist fields as diverse as ergonomics, telematics, information management, cost consultancy, corporate sustainability, and organizational reform.

Our company resources and depth of experience also mean we're ideally equipped to meet the changing demands of public private partnerships, PFI, full privatization and asset transfer.

Our success is fuelled by the dedication, enthusiasm and ingenuity of our engineers, planners, economists, cost consultants, project managers, safety experts, IT specialists, management consultants and more.

Our staff includes professionals recognized as innovators or world authorities in their fields and we're often asked to take part in high level missions to developing countries where we've helped shape national policies in various sectors. As part of our commitment to encourage practical corporate social responsibility, we support our staff in a wide range of humanitarian endeavors, including assisting aid organizations in the field.

Best does the best: Recognizing that to work with the best we must be the best, we actively encourage professional excellence and knowledge management, which is why continuous learning and skills improvement are ingrained in our company culture.



We bring substantial capability and all round experience to this type of work, including expertise, knowledge and ways of working that set us apart from our competitors, as follows:

. We have vast experience in the management and maintenance management of infrastructure networks, involving all modes of transport including roads, rail, aviation, and public transport of all types.
. We have vast experience of advising project Grantor's including and a track record of financial closure of robust projects.
. We have significant experience of the transport sector in Europe and throughout the World through our previous work as Grantor's, Bidders and lenders' technical advisor.
. We have experience in the development of performance specifications and associated payment mechanisms on transport infrastructure projects,
. We have extensive experience of advising on and undertaking Operation and Maintenance Services through our experience throughout Europe,
. Our team combines industry and technical experience with analytical skill and flair and the ability to build strong relationships.



We provide our services mainly in the field of:

. Transport and transport infrastructure,
. Buildings and their technical infrastructure and
. Power and telecommunications structures.

We are a multi-professional company that is able to operate at the interface of individual fields or in complex projects of sectorial nature. Within these sectors we operate not only as a technical adviser, but also as a transactional, financial, institutional advisor, etc. We focus on the issue of tenders and contracts.




Our home territory is understandably Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also focuses on promising foreign markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Foreign markets allow us to implement large scale effective method of coordination, subcontracting and outsourcing.

We have worked on projects in:

. Czech Republic
. Slovak Republic
. Russian Federation,
. Azerbaijan
. Belarus and
. Ukraine.

In our bids, we continued to focus on:

. Kazakhstan
. Serbia,
. Turkey etc.

We are interested in the Baltic Sea Region and other countries of the Balkan Peninsula. We are interested in the contracts of global institutions such as EBRD and WB. When performing tasks abroad, we very often enter into consortia suppliers.




Our services overlap comprehensive range of technical consulting and engineering in capital construction. We offer the following standard services:

. Architectural studies
. Territorial plans and urban studies
. Transport Master Plan and traffic engineering studies,
. Operational simulation of transport infrastructure and buildings

. Feasibility studies and CBA analysis
. Project documentation of all levels
. Tender documents
. Preparation and implementation of tenders

. Business plans
. Investment plans and budgets
. Financial models
. Risk analysis

. Applications for funding from the European Funds
. Complete preparation of PPP projects

. Technical and economic studies and expert opinions
. The technical, operational, economic and management audits
. Safety and environmental audits and studies, etc.

We are also in the area:

. Project management,
. Technical supervision,
. Cost Management,
. Programming,
. Procedural and institutional analyzes,
. Outsourcing projects,
. Facility management,
. Procurement and
. Supply engineering.




Olbron Invent is a provider of technical advisory services for PPP projects - serving the public sector, investors and bidders/concessionaires. Through our understanding of privately funded and PPP projects we are able to provide advice to project financiers on all the technical, environmental and commercial risks by undertaking the necessary due diligence activities on new-build, maintenance or refinancing an existing project or asset. We also advise concessionaires on risk assessment, value engineering and operation and maintenance.

In undertaking this type of work we work closely with project Lenders to focus on key technical and environmental issues affecting the potential financial performance of the project, and with sponsors to ensure that issues raised are proactively resolved to minimize any impact on closing timetables. Our pragmatic approach is recognized by sponsors, who also see the benefits we bring through external review of their own analyses, and by lenders who appreciate the benefits of early resolution of matters of concern.
Olbron Invent introduced a number of innovative ideas to help measure performance including applying a performance specification to maintenance works, creating condition indicators to give objective and comparable indices to monitor the performance of the network.




The Transport Management Consultancy within Olbron Invent can provide a comprehensive range of services, not only within the Transportation Sector but across all sectors.

Some of the services that TMC can provide are:

. Technical Due Diligence
. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) Private Sector Participation (PSP) and Private
. Public Private Partnership Technical Advisory Role
. Resource Accounting and Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management
. Procurement Advice
. Project Development
. Revenue Forecasting
. Financial Advisory Services
. Disaster Recovery Management
. Finance Initiatives (PFI) Development
. Development and Review of Business Cases
. Restructuring
. Institutional Development and Strengthening
. Best Value and Comprehensive Performance Assessment
. Peer Assist and Review




Unlike conventional engineering services we are primarily engaged in the issue of successful implementation of projects, their effective financing or co-financing, cost and value optimization, etc. The tasks we understand that the priorities of clients is reliable, timely and effective implementation of projects and not simple partial purchase of technical services or documentation without final benefit. Our approach is proactive, from reaching only the technical specifications of the client, but it solves the problems of projects and clients to help implement the project according to the original's expectations. Not by chance we do our work like the word rework.




In our research we apply a progressive methods and tools. We therefore also issues of methodology, process audits, fulfill scientific tasks, publish, performs at professional conferences and seminars, we offer educational programs, etc. The advantage for us is to work in an international environment, which in this respect is for us a great source of information and experience.




We are a value-oriented company, based on a long-term vision of our development. The values we believe in and share with our partners include the areas of quality, environmental, health and safety and ethics of our behavior and business.



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