We accompany buildings and infrastructure projects from their inception through to implementation

Our philosophy is to implement the project as a whole, ie. in addition to dealing with specific technical solutions primarily funding and implementation of the project. This approach requires significantly more responsibility for outcomes and understanding of all the circumstances in which the project is created and implemented.


In the area of logistics and freight transport we are engaged in the processing / locking:

• Search studies, architectural and urban studies
• Documentation EIA including sanitary and noise studies (contractor)

• Project documentation of buildings for all stages of the project
• Studies and projects in the transport solution
• Studies and projects for parking and freight manipulation areas
• Studies and projects for logistics and industrial parcs

• Feasibility studies
• Project documentation of selected technical networks
• Tender documentation and management of tenders
• Construction budgets

• Audits and professional expertise of logistics parcs, buildings and project documentation
• Operational and technical audits of logistics parcs, buildings with a focus on energy management and life-cycle-cost (life cycle cost)
• Energy audits of buildings

• Studies and audits of technical management of buildings and facilities management
• Preparation and implementation of outsourcing projects in technical management of buildings and facilities management

• Technical supervision and monitoring structures for investing entities
• Project management preparation and construction
• Engineering services

• Preparation and implementation fit out projects, or a complete service for relocation to new premises
• Preparation of grant applications the European Union
• Preparation and implementation of projects in cooperation with the private sector (PPP projects)

As in other areas our main added value is a comprehensive project preparation and implementation, and the ability to see projects both from the technical as well as their financial and implementation sites. Precisely for this reason, we have proven themselves as project managers of the projects in cooperation with the private sector, which is an activity continuously monitoring the project since its inception, through the preparation of project documentation and securing all necessary permits, preparation of tender documentation, selection of an investor who realizes the construction and subsequently will operate. We can combine (and again we prove it) knowledge of construction issues with operational issues. The advantage is our knowledge of a wide range of investors, developers, construction companies and companies engaged in building management.


Subsectors covered:

• Freight transport (including road, rail, air, and river)
• Cargo terminals
• Warehouses
• Other logistics buildings
• Spatial planning
• Facilities management



•  Logistic Zone, Mošnov
•  Logistic and Industrial Park, Orsha, Belarus


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